Path to Freedom? New book explores the Underground Railroad out of North Korea


Escape From North Korea is the compelling new book about the perilous journey of a North Korean defector, written by Melanie Kirkpatrick, former deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal. The Defector: Escape from North Korea and Kirkpatrick’s book feature many of the same people who risk their lives helping North Koreans to freedom. 

The book is receiving critical acclaim, referred to by the Bush Center blog as “a chilling glimpse into North Korea’s veiled society.” It is being praised for its criticism towards the policies of China, South Korea, and the United States for failing to address the suffering of the North Korean people in and outside of the country. She attacks China for denying all North Koreans refugee status, including Chinese-North Korean mixed race children. Instead their efforts go to repatriating North Koreans, where they face detention camps and possible execution, and arresting Chinese citizens who aid in their escape. It is a powerful read that is more important than ever as Kim Jong-Un cracks down on defectors, and a long overdue call to action directed at major world powers.

The Defector tackles the very same subject, and gives an insider view of what it’s like to escape from North Korea only to go into hiding in China. The Defector will premiere at IDFA this November.

For further reading and inspiration on Kirkpatrick’s book, check out The Atlantic review, the Bush Center blog and Escape from North Korea‘s Facebook page. Or purchase a copy of the book here.


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