World Relations or Preteen Politics?


Party Rockets in North Korea

Schoolyard bully, North Korea, is picking fights with the popular South Korea, threatening “strong physical counter-measures” if SK backs U.S. sanctions made by the UN – aka the ‘No NKs Allowed’ Club. Not a new fight, but this time NK’s only friend China is fed up. China, the only country that will share their lunch with North Korea, said that they will reduce assistance if they continue to engage in nuclear tests. That said, China is not just going to start playing on the other side of the playground. If South Korea and her besties, U.S. and Japan, try to promote the harsh UN sanctions, China will step in and force them to behave better and make amendments.


The United Nations, aka ‘No North Koreas Allowed’ Club

China is already a little mad with North Korea for the missile launches, and says it’ll walk if there’s a third launch. China is making sure North Korea knows what is at stake, “I’m already your only friend. Don’t push me away too, You’re better than this.”

Perhaps North Korea is mad because China has begun spending more time with the U.S, and is even laying down some groundwork for the three of them to hang out.


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