The North Korean Dynasty: Kim Jong-il’s grandson dyes hair blonde, loves democracy and Love Actually


News reports around the world have ended up on the Facebook pages of two of Kim Jong-Il’s legacy- his son Kim Jong-nam and grandson, Kim Han-sol. Part of the select few of the North Korean dynasty forced to live in exile outside of North Korea, these two prefer democracy. Images and text ridiculing the North Korean elite can be found on Kim Jong-nam’s profile, but it is Kim Han-sol’s Facebook and Twitter that have the media buzzing. With bleached blonde hair, earrings, a girlfriend, and a stated preference of democracy over communism, Kim Han-sol represents a generational gap within the elite. Simply having social media accounts expresses a modernity and an openness that is denied within North Korea. This leaves us here to wonder about the future of the dynasty as a younger generation, Kim Jong-un, begins to take over.

Full stories, pictures and videos can be found at <a href="“>The Chosun Ilbo

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