Our Kickstarter campaign was successful, thanks to all of you!


About 40 days ago we started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.com. We were new to it and had no idea what to expect. It’s been a moving, motivating, sometimes stressful, but ultimately exhilarating experience. Many people came to support the campaign – to those of you who pledged early on, to those who came in at the end to really haul ass and get us to our goal, to those who contributed and contributed again – thank you. 

What we’re doing now:  We’ve been busy translating the footage from our recent undercover shoot trip in Asia and I’ll be going over the footage with editor Manfred Becker and our assistant editors to get a sense of how we can shape the story thus far.

The Kickstarter funds will now allow us to do follow-up filming with the key characters in the film. All 5 of the defectors are still at an immigrant reception centre in Thailand. We will follow 2-3 of them to see where they go from here.

Subscribe to us for updates as we forge ahead, or visit our Facebook page. Though our Kickstarter campaign is closed, new people are still able to donate to us:

-DIRECT DONATION: email Sherry@fathomfilmgroup.com                                  

-DONATE at Women Make Movies a charitable foundation, who is running an ongoing campaign for us.

Thank you again everyone, and have a great weekend!

Ann, Hannah, Heidi, Sherry, Mehdi, Julie



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