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Balloons carrying radios and #US dollars launched by #defectors into #NorthKorea


Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

A group of North Korean defectors launched 10 balloons across the Demilitarized Zone from Imjungak, South Korea on Monday, marking the death of prominent defector – party secretary Hwang Jang-yop who defected in 1997. The balloons contained leaflets describing Hwang’s efforts, along with photos of his burial at a national cemetery, an honour reserved only for higher powers in the North. The balloons also contained 1000 US $1 bills and 100 radios for people to access Radio Free Asia and other news. Organized by the Fighters for Free North Korea, they have sent many rounds of propaganda filled balloons into North Korea. KCNA, the official news agency in North Korea, sees the act as nothing less than “an overt act of war against fellow Koreans.” 

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The North Korean Dynasty: Kim Jong-il’s grandson dyes hair blonde, loves democracy and Love Actually


News reports around the world have ended up on the Facebook pages of two of Kim Jong-Il’s legacy- his son Kim Jong-nam and grandson, Kim Han-sol. Part of the select few of the North Korean dynasty forced to live in exile outside of North Korea, these two prefer democracy. Images and text ridiculing the North Korean elite can be found on Kim Jong-nam’s profile, but it is Kim Han-sol’s Facebook and Twitter that have the media buzzing. With bleached blonde hair, earrings, a girlfriend, and a stated preference of democracy over communism, Kim Han-sol represents a generational gap within the elite. Simply having social media accounts expresses a modernity and an openness that is denied within North Korea. This leaves us here to wonder about the future of the dynasty as a younger generation, Kim Jong-un, begins to take over.

Full stories, pictures and videos can be found at <a href="http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2011/10/03/2011100300523.html http://bit.ly/qlX3hQ“>The Chosun Ilbo

Women attempt to defect from North Korea in order to seek treatment for the AIDS virus in China. AIDS is a growing problem within the country


Three women in their early twenties affected with the AIDS virus have been arrested and detained for attempting to cross the North Korean border into China. After exhausting treatments within North Korea, the women were trying to defect to China where more effective medicine is available. Even though the women are educated, they were working as prostitutes in the marketplace because they could not find other work. They represent a growing industry of women who are prostituting themselves, without having any proper sexual education. Contraception methods and condoms are lacking in North Korea, and many women continue selling sex after being diagnosed with AIDS. Men come to the marketplace on business from all over, and are now contracting the virus before returning to their home province or city, where it is then presumed to spread further. The condition of the three women continues to get worse, but they remain in a prison.

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