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JOL Interview With Ann Shin: North Korea is More Dangerous to Flee Than Ever

A new interview with The Defector director, Ann Shin, in JOL Press discusses the ways in which the the changing North Korean political environment is making it more difficult for defectors to escape the country.
Since coming to power, Kim Jong-Un has strengthened control measures and security posts on the border between North Korea and China, to put an end to attempts to escape North Korean citizens . It also increased the penalties against border guards may receive bribes defectors.”
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Film Review: The Defector in NKNews.org

“A unique documentary with thoughtful production and a striking visual identity, The Defector is a must-see for anyone interested in North Korean refugees, human rights or, simply in the difficulties of real human lives.”

Read the full review by Nicolle Loughlin here

#Seoul to host the first ever #NorthKorean Human Rights International Film Festival


International Films about North Korean human rights will be screened at Dongguk University from November 10-11, 2011. It is the first ever film festival of its kind, helping in the effort to confront human rights issues through film. Maybe we’ll be there next year!


For the list of screenings and directions (if you happen to be in Seoul next week) can be found at NKnet.com.