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Hidden Behind the Iron Curtain? Kim Jong-Un’s Wife Mysteriously Disappears

Only ten weeks after Kim Jong-Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju entered into the North Korean public eye as the dynasty leader’s bride, she has mysteriously disappeared. Ri has not been seen for forty days, and speculation over her absence has increased. 

South Korean press has reported her disappearance may have to do with the fact that she does not wear the Kim Il-Sung label badge – a sign of loyalty to the dynasty all North Koreans are required to wear. In her public appearances, Ri opts instead for fashionable brooches or a clean outfit free of adornments. This is rumoured to have upset the older, more conservative figures within the leadership, who find Ri expresses a lack of dedication to the Kim family, characterizing her as “completely unacceptable, with repercussions to ensue.” According to NKNews.org, her fashion choices are “threatening the structural integrity of the regime at a symbolic level.”

Another popular theory is that she is pregnant. For her sake, we sincerely hope this is the case. For further reading visit NKNews.org.

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The exhibition will feature over 100 photographs of daily life inside North Korea, plus videos shot by North Koreans and drawings by prison camp survivors depicting their experience inside the camps. Refugees seeking asylum in Toronto will also be present to talk about their escape experiences.

Check out the exhibit Tuesday, November 22, 2011 from 6-7:30pm at The Korea Times, 287 Bridgeland Ave in Toronto, Ontario.