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The Defector: Escape from North Korea is now available on iTunes in the US and other territories now. This suspenseful documentary follows a human smuggler leading defectors escaping from North Korea  It just won Best Documentary and Best Documentary Director at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards (Canada’s Academy awards). And is available for viewing here:
The film is also available for theatrical and educational screenings, Tugg will organize it with you. For those of you who are looking to organize a screening, but have no budget, there is an option for you too! Gather enough ticket pre-sales and the film will come to your local cinema – check out the Tugg website for the hosting details:

JOL Interview With Ann Shin: North Korea is More Dangerous to Flee Than Ever

A new interview with The Defector director, Ann Shin, in JOL Press discusses the ways in which the the changing North Korean political environment is making it more difficult for defectors to escape the country.
Since coming to power, Kim Jong-Un has strengthened control measures and security posts on the border between North Korea and China, to put an end to attempts to escape North Korean citizens . It also increased the penalties against border guards may receive bribes defectors.”
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Dennis Rodman in Defence of Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea have been the subject of ridicule and controversy, especially his latest visit of Kim Jong-Un’s birthday party basketball game. CNN interviewer Chris Cuomo asked Rodman if he would take the chance to ask his friend Kim Jong-Un why they are holding Kenneth Bae, an US citizen, imprisoned.
Dennis Rodman

Rodman questioned Bae’s actions, ”If you understand what Kenneth Bae did …. Do you understand what he did in this country? Why is he held captive in this country?” and became defensive of the North Korean leader, “It’s amazing how we thrive on negativity. Does anyone know this guy’s only 31 years old?” he said of Kim.

“Dennis, he could be 31, he could be 51,” said Cuomo. “He’s just killed his uncle. He’s holding an American hostage.”

Rodman has expressed love for Kim, preferring to not judge the man who just killed his uncle, rather judge the man imprisoned for conducting religious services in North Korea.